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Build better software with a fractional CTO

We help you leverage the latest technologies to build solutions that grow with your needs.

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We cut our teeth running a deep tech startup with patented hardware and software in the US, Europe and Asia. We now help businesses build and implement their technology roadmap. Here's how we can help you too.

Fractional CTO

We can build a solid foundation for your product development roadmap while taking into account your tangible commercial targets. Our work on previous projects has generated net positive impacts on the performance, scalability, maintainability and intellectual property protection of the digital assets of our clients.

Technology audit

We can analyse your development processes and deployment infrastructure to find vulnerabilities and suggest improvements to reduce your development cycles and minimise your risks. Our experience developing solutions for public telecommunications networks has provided us with the know-how required for the development of scalable and highly redundant solutions.

Software development

We can design beautiful user experiences and interfaces and write modular, extensible and well documented software that leverages modern frameworks and enables a seamless handoff of the code and deployment to your team. We also offer continuous support until you have the team required to take over development.

Technologies we like to use

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Figma logoFlutter logowebflow logosvelte logofirebase logodocker logogithub logonodejs logoPhython logoamazon web services logoMySQL logojavascript logoC language logoC++ language logoHTML LogoCSS Logo
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"Twine’s team consistently solved issues with lateral thinking, and creative solutions. Their team has a deep understanding of technology across multiple domains."

Reuben van Dijk

Managing Director

Melbourne Capital Group

"Their ability to add value not just to the tech, but also the commercial and usability aspects of the project, were key differentiators for us."

Ped Rahmati

Advising Chief Technology Officer


Our development process

We put an emphasis on transparency and clarity of communication throughout.

Step 1
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Scope of work

We make sure we understand your requirements, propose solutions, then estimate the time required to build them. We multiply that time by our flat hourly rates to quote with full visibility and transparency.

Step 2
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We iteratively build prototypes of the solution and gather your feedback to ensure we set out to build exactly what you envision.

Step 3
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With the prototypes and scope of work in hand, we  build out the solution with a clear set of requirements.

Step 4
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We deliver and deploy containerised code, along with automated tests for maximum portability, maintainability and peace of mind.

step 5
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We always include a complimentary support period during which we monitor logs and fix potential issues as they arise.

Our management team

We founded Twine after working together for 15 years on academic and commercial ventures spanning over 25 projects. Our adventure produced an award-winning startup, worldwide patents, academic publications and a keen affinity for business and technology.

Photo of Raphael Mannadiar
Raphaël Mannadiar
PhD, Computer Science
Managing Partner

Raph started programming at the age of 12. He's every bit as nerdy as that entails, but he's passionate about teaching and simplifying complex abstractions.

Photo of Rami Aladdin
Rami Aladdin
MSc, Computer Science
Managing Partner

Rami's fluent in the same number of programming languages and spoken languages. He's the outgoing one and most likely who you'll be running into at networking events.

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Based in Paris and Kuala Lumpur and operating beyond borders, we’re here to help in multiple time zones and languages.

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